Tuesday 27 May 2014

On food

Wet garlic on granite.

Lettuce on granite.

French Breakfast radishes on granite.

Elizabeth David on dressing a salad
House and Garden May 1953.
Six parts (not three) good olive oil to red wine vinegar.

Can you believe that that picture is not contemporary?


  1. Amazing Elizabeth David. I remember my mother buying olive oil from the chemist shop back in 1959! You didn't seem to be able to buy it anywhere else - it came in a tiny little bottle, medicinal I suppose....

    1. Yes mine too. It was used for our ears!

  2. I tried it. It's a bit heavy on the leaf. Counting down to June 1st by the way.

  3. I have only just been in dialogue with my daughter about the value of radishes in the daily menu (she an advocate, me needing to be convinced). So I bought radishes last weekend for the first time in ages, but as usual only the round ones were available here in Sydney. French Breakfast Radishes? How exotic! I'd love to tell my daughter I'd been eating them....but maybe they're the type she gets in Cambridge anyway. Do you also have the round ones (and do they taste different)?

  4. You've reminded me to get some of those French breakfast radishes at my next farmers market visit. The assortments of lettuce are looking good too. I think that I am more of a 3 to 1 dressing mixer, too.


  5. My French mother would disagree too - always three to one. But in fact, the best dressings were made by my aunt, who preferred a lighter oil - I can't recall what it was - instead of olive oil. Neither of them feared garlic in the least.

  6. I love to dip into Elizabeth David from time to time. She never loses her appeal and yes, that picture is very contemporary. We owe her an awful lot, I think.

  7. Good food photography never goes out of style :) Those radishes are so pretty. I have again joined an organic veggie co-op and came home last evening with bags and bags of beautiful lettuce and bok choy. It melts in my mouth, it's so fresh!