Tuesday 6 May 2014

Rustic Adornments...

... for Homes of Taste

It would be a rather difficult matter to sum up
all the social qualities of flowers.
Do we not always feel welcome when, on entering a room, 
we find a display of flowers on the table? 
Where there are flowers about, does not the hostess appear glad, 
the children pleased, the very parrot garrulous, at our arrival;
 the whole scene and all the personages more hearty, 
homely, and beautiful, because of those bewitching roses,
 and brugmansias, and pavonia and mignonette? 
Assuredly, of all simple domestic ornaments flowers must have first place.

Shirley Hibberd  1856

(From a folder of posts labelled draft:
so useful when inspiration fails
and the previous night was wakeful.
Be assured though that your hostess is glad
and her parrot garrulous at your arrival.)


  1. I was going to say something about the garroulous parrot, but you beat me to it. Beautiful flowers! I have a vase full of, you guessed it, tulips.

  2. As long as the parrot is happy and chatty.

  3. Every home needs a garrulous parrot! And flowers of course :)

  4. I love that quote, and am only too familiar with the whole wakeful night thing. Hope you have a good sleep tonight...
    Enjoy your flowers. It's always uplifting to have a little posy on display.

  5. How true. The addition of a joyful labrador bringing you her grubby soft toy whilst banging the furniture with her tail makes the whole scene and personages even more hearty.....