Friday 9 May 2014


I bought this book on a whim (61p)
but wondered why the cover seemed so hauntingly familiar.

And then I remembered this dress.

My favourite dress, now about fifty years old.
Hard wired into my memory.
Here are the some of the songs forever playing in the background.


  1. I remember those songs well, in fact some of them I burned onto a CD that I use to exercise with.

  2. The soundtrack of my teens too. I often find I buy things which turn out to be almost carbon copies of something else I already have. I look on it as one of the reasons my bits and pieces work well together, just like your dress and the book cover. We recently put our house on the market and it struck me for the first time, seeing it on rightmove, that I have used a very similar colour palette in all the rooms without even realising it. Somewhere the subconscious knows! Lovely dress by the way - I'm not surprised you have hung onto it.

  3. Oh yes - my era. I can't believe you have kept a dress for all that time - what other things do you have lurking in the back of your wardrobe?

  4. What fun - I too remember and love the music, dress, and memories. Did you use Yardley's slickers? I bought tube after tube of the frosted white lipstick - now it can occasionally be found on ebay for far too much money.


  5. It's a lovely dress, from a lovely time. I've also got a few memory making clothes tucked away in a trunk. Your soundtrack is perfect, too.


  6. I know all these songs except that last one. Richard (my English husband) tells me that she usually sang barefoot.
    Amazing how your dress looks so much like the cover of that book! I loved the Dave Clark Five, did you also know Paul Revere and the Raiders? That Mark Lindsay made me swoon!

  7. Quality songs. The Honeycombs certainly knew how to send the audience into a frenzy!