Tuesday 17 December 2013

My other tree

is a fake one with integral lights.
I thought I was a purist and would never
give house room to a plastic tree,
but this one has snuck in
and I think it gives the decorations
room to shine.
The proper one is still in the garage
conserving its needles until the weekend.
There will be the usual tussle with the lights
and the stand and the lopsided branches
but it will smell wonderful
in the cold mornings before everyone is up.


  1. pretty, pretty tree, love your choice of green baubles and the birds, makes one easily forget about it being plastic, very cheerful, xx

  2. I basically disapprove of plastic trees but actually, this is very pretty! No fake greenery to look too obvious.

  3. This is a very pretty fake tree - more of a unique display piece for your pretty ornaments.

  4. It's very pretty !
    Our slightly lopsided , wizened real tree is still outside , havng survived another summer in a tub . It'd better stay there till Sunday evening , I think . But both cribs are already installed .

  5. I think that your other tree is very elegant. If I had one like it, I should have it on display all year and decorate it for other festivals too.

    1. I have used it at Easter with fake blossom and leaves and those little yellow chicks.

  6. It's very pretty indeed! I have given up on trees altogether, but if I saw one like yours, I might relent.....