Tuesday 10 December 2013

Displacement activity

 the tree from the
'Christmas Tree Forest', 
set up as usual in a vacant lot 
at the side of a busy road.The sylvan glade 
atmosphere somewhat marred by the urgent sirens 
of eight of those rather sinister black unmarked police cars
 tearing past and jostling all the other traffic out of the way as 
I debated the merits of a Norway Spruce over a Nordman Fir.
The spiky Spruce won, because it smells better
and reminds me of my childhood. The needles will shower
 over the tiled floor and stick in my jumper but I can live with that.
I wrestled the 7 foot netted tree in through the boot and across 
the flattened back seats so that it could nestle 
on my left shoulder for the journey home,
thankful that all available police were occupied in the 
opposite direction. Once home I had slightly more difficulty pulling 
it out of the boot and then had to saw off the bottom two inches 
with a rusty saw and find a bucket of water
 to stand it in. It is leaning drunkenly in the garage,but smells 
gorgeous. Whilst in there, inspected my forced hyacinth
bulbs.They are sulking.A few noodly roots have grown but nothing
 is coming
 out of the 
top. They
have been 
there for
 weeks and 
I'd thought
that surely 
this year they would be ready for Christmas Day.


  1. Wonderful tree Lucille.............. this must have taken you ages.

  2. Your tree is lovely...of course, I mean the one you've created for us to see, but I do hope that the spruce in the bucket will also be a winner.

    Funny what you write about your hyacinth bulb. I've got three paperwhite narcissus bulbs in the developmental stage, and one of the trio just seems so shy. I will continue to hope that it truly does have blooms in its heart.

    Do bulbs have hearts? Well, you know what I mean.


  3. Did you happen to notice what direction the police cars were going in, dear Lucille? I only ask.

  4. Now I think of it,they were going west my dear.

  5. Impressive tree. I could probably re-create it on an old Opympia 66, but on a computer - never!

  6. I'm agog ! How did you get your computer to co-operate ?

    1. It didn't! I just moved the words about by hand until it looked right with all text centred.

  7. I can manage without the tree but I do like to have Hyacinths around. Fortunately, I discovered last year's bulbs under some leaves and their noses are at least two inches above the compost. Shame about yours though.