Monday 16 December 2013

Three minutes

from this

to this.

Really it was a stern discipline for me
 to stand still for that long,
while the sun hoisted itself from the sea.
And that is why I have posted all the pictures,
to remind myself when I am driving
down the long road to this place,
stupidly watching the journey elapsed time 
ticking over at each slight traffic queue
and thinking that it has taken three minutes 
longer than my 'best' time,
while cursing the driver who hogs my tail
waiting to overtake,
only to be stopped at a traffic light 
inches ahead from me a moment later,
 that there is just no need to hurtle through the day
as though the hounds of Hell are on our backs.
For what are we going to do with that three minutes 'saved'?
Except perhaps, cause an accident on a blind bend,
or at a jumped light, or a junction misjudged.

The sun will continue to rise in its own good time.

It would be a pity not to be there to see it.


  1. So very true. A person's life can be entirely changed in the course of 3 minutes.

  2. Beautiful pictures and wise words.

  3. It would indeed be a pity!

    I so enjoyed this post ... I can't remember when I last stopped to watch the sun rise.

  4. Pretty! and true.

  5. You are so right. When I was in the hectic, overstretched world of work, I relished the times when I had no choice but to sit patiently in traffic - "time to be with myself", I called it, and it was precious! Even better if there is something glorious to watch unfold at the same time.....

  6. Beautiful sunrise, perfectly captured, thank you!

  7. My husband says exactly the same thing about the driver who overtakes you at great speed only to arrive just before us at the lights, where, he too, must stop. Your series reminds me of my childhood fascination with flip books :)

  8. As Annie Dillard wrote "spend the afternoon. you can't take it with you."
    Lovely photos and words.