Monday 28 January 2013


At last. 

Blue skies, the sun

(and the wind) at our backs,
and tramping about all day 
in the wide open spaces.

It's very hard to see,
but if you look carefully, bottom left in silhouette,
you will see the quiff of a pink cheeked cockatiel,
perhaps regretting its bid for freedom.


  1. I love these photographs- they make me feel like whizzing round and round, as I did as a child when set free and out in the fields! I also really enjoyed your previous poem. Jane xx

  2. I see it too! These pictures are as good as being there, given that I'm still a bit too wobbly to tackle an outing. Hope you don't have the grey skies and dismal rain that have set in here again today.

  3. I see it, after a bit of squinting. I hope it has a friend nearby.

  4. Replies
    1. I nearly did the full Lord Byron but I knew you'd all know.

  5. What joyous images!

  6. As usual, a very fine set of pictures, in my opinion. I can't honestly say with conviction that I see the pink cheeked cockatiel, but then again I wouldn't know one if it perched on my shoulder.

    I've never felt especially close to a cockatiel, but if they do indeed experience regret, maybe we have more in common than I thought.