Thursday 10 January 2013

Tax avoidance scheme 3

I'm knitting a cowl.
110 stitches in a honeycomb pattern
in the round.
It should look like this,
but I'm using the wrong sort of wool
because I don't have a very extensive stash
(one ball actually).
I also don't have stitch markers 
so the pattern already looks a bit skew
 and it's giving me a stiff neck.
But very cold weather is forecast 
and I need to be ready.


  1. Right......... get your pen and write your name, your national insurance number etc and get the tax form done and dusted. It's scary, I know, but you can do it....... and re the cowl, you don't need stitch markers, you just need safety pins but I bet you already know that. . . .

  2. The picture looks gorgeous! Even if it comes halfway towards that, yours will be great. Also, warm. I have just enrolled in a three-part beginners' programme to learn to crochet, which I am assured is faster and more fun than knitting, at which I do not exactly excel.

  3. Very sensible.
    The tax people will understand
    that a cowl takes priority
    in so desperate a situation
    and that doubts about one's reality
    inevitably cause a delay.

  4. You are very advanced next to me! Every now and then I laboriously translate my beginning knitter cast-on/cast-off directions from right-hander to left-hander and bang out a scarf. That's all I know how to do, but I actually got a compliment on one the other day!

  5. I've earmarked this for just such a moment .... though it looks like "hard knitting" so could , in turn , become something to avoid .

  6. I made a cowl, in the round, last year and had to keep undoing it because the foundation row kept twisting. I defeated it in the end though!

    1. Yes mine has twisted and I have given it up in a fit of pique.

    2. What a shame! But I do know the feeling.

  7. My daughter has learned to crochet over the holiday. She has since made both herself and her sister very fetching head bands, and even made a crocheted flower for her sister's. She puts me to shame.