Tuesday 1 January 2013

How not to look after a poinsettia

I received two Poinsettias this Christmas.
I think they may be having a comeback.

They are not the easiest plants to care for
and can quickly start to drop their leaves.
They require a draught-free position 
but window sills are often too draughty,
especially if the plant ends up behind the curtains at night.
Avoid temperatures under 55F. 
They require good light,
but must be kept away from direct sunlight. 
Overwatering quickly kills the plant
but if the surface of the soil dries out they should be 
watered thoroughly.
Stand the pot on pebbles and keep humid.
Trying to keep the plant from year to year usually results in failure.

Chucking it out onto a beach guarantees it.


  1. I hope you kept the pot! Happy New Year.

    1. Mine are still alive for the time being! This was someone else's discard.

  2. Don't you resent all those do-and-don't instructions for plants? I am always tempted to say, when instructed e.g. that some plant or other likes full sun, "well, don't we all!"

    1. I'm not good with pot plants and especially not with fussy ones. I had a Busy Lizzie that thrived on neglect.

  3. Because poinsettias are poisonous and I have a cat who loves to eat plants, I have only artificial poinsettias. They're so pretty.

  4. They are not easy plants to keep are they? We have a plastic one which comes out every Christmas.

    Mind you I am a bit rubbish at house plants. Good at grow-your-own but house plants don't like me.

  5. I can keep most plants. Have never had any success with Busy Lizzies though........

  6. If I could bring myself to drop litter, I think I'd favour chucking the loathsome poinsettia onto a beach too! There's something so cloned about them, every Christmas the same hideous invasion of the garish things, no one able to keep them alive for long. Give me an orchid any time.

    Oops, sorry.....

  7. Maybe it'll wash up on a beach somewhere warm...


  8. Lucille, your poinsettia check list seemed very true from my experience. I've always considered myself lucky to keep them going for an entire month.

    I definitely consider myself lucky to have the pleasure of reading your posts. The just prior post about the shingle expedition was a gem...both words and photos told of fine day of adventure.

    Happy 2013 to you! xo

  9. They are particularly attractive in March, when you've managed to keep them alive and they are three leaves on top of a long knobby stem. I sort of hate them.

  10. What a bizarre thing to find on the beach!

    Happy New Year, Lucille,

    Jo x

  11. The white ones are much prettier , though just as likely to keel over on a whim .
    Spider plants survive anything .... unfortunately .

  12. I had a very good chuckle at this post. Many of my pointsettias have ended their time with me in the same way, only not on a beach, just in the back garden compost heap.

  13. I was given one once, I hated it and threw it on the compost immediately. I can't faff around with plants, all mine survive only if they look after themselves.

    Happy New Year!