Thursday, 31 January 2013

My little menagerie

What did I do when the sun made a brief appearance?

Why naturally I arranged my lead animals
on the side of the bath
and took some pictures of them.

R.I.P January.
We are going to hear Mozart's Requiem tonight.
I already have tuba mirum on the brain.


  1. Mozart's Requiem is fab-u-lous, what a great way to see out January.

  2. Sensational singing. On my brain now too, and I'm very happy about that.

  3. The retail run on lead animals and bathtubs on briefly sunny days is certainly a worrying global trend.

  4. Love those lead animals. Strangely enough, I have a little lion and a lamb on my kitchen windowsill. Only plastic, though.

  5. My son was involved in a performance of Mozart's Requiem in November. It's wonderful.
    Your menagerie is sweet. Mine involves a turtle, a raccoon, a little bear, and a duck. Your tiger might enjoy them.

  6. Lucky you.... And not just for the Mozart Requiem either.

  7. I am far too late to wish you a great evening, but I do hope it was. Then again, Mozart's Requiem, how could you not have had a fabulous time :D

    Important question, does the kennel contain a dog?

    1. No little lead dog. Perhaps I should try to find one to re-home.