Sunday 28 October 2012

The niche

The whole house was covered in 
a fine gritty layer of tile dust
when we arrived.

I cleaned one niche
and picked the last remaining flowers
from the garden.

The bottle came in from the garden too.

Work proceeds at a glacial pace.
One day I will tell the story
of our niche in the country.

Flowers in the House with Jane.


  1. Lovely to catch up today and view all these images of beauty and serenity. Ahhhh...after writing my second of three grant applications...I needed that. I would have brought home the jug, too.

  2. It'll all come right in the end.....

    Stunning photos, especially that bottom one.

  3. I would like to hear that story, and I like your niche within a niche: small beauty while awaiting encompassing beauty.

  4. So perfect, your garden vase, with the delicate garden flowers speaks to me.

    As does your niche.

    Waiting for the rest of its story.

    xo Jane

  5. Love how the light plays with the lovely flowers. Gorgeous photos!

  6. beautiful niche with those shadows. like a film noire/

  7. Lovely old bottle and loving the shadows on the wall.
    Penny x

  8. There's something quietly autumnal about those shadows...

  9. The phrase glacial pace is lovely. As well as being slow it picks up all the detritus in its wake waiting to deposit them somewhere useful.