Wednesday 24 October 2012



But not fatally.

If someone judged that this engraved claret jug
was worth stapling together when the handle broke off,

then I thought it was worth bringing home for £4.

Here is someone else who admires
the art of the creative repair.


  1. I never knew one could. And a timely post, as I have just today broken one of my set of wedding cups. Sets are frowned upon in mismatching lifestyle circles nowadays, but I am fond of my wedding set.

    1. One of my sons kicked an imari ware bowl off a table while larking around on the sofa (he was 4 at the time). I made the mistake of trying to Araldite it together with tears streaming down my face. I just wanted to make it unbroken as quickly as possible, but made a complete hash of it.

  2. It seems counterintuitive somehow, punching holes into glass. It has a huge rivet near the base of the handle. I don't even understand how they managed to get their hands into the narrow neck to put it in place.

  3. This was an interesting post on the subject of wedding sets

  4. It's beautiful . Both as an engraved wine jug and as a " striking piece in weathered metal and delicate traced glass " .
    Of course you had to take it home !

  5. It is still beautifully made and a bargain at that price. As you say, you can appreciate the beauty of the repair too.

  6. So clever! And very worthwhile - such a lovely thing.