Sunday 7 October 2012

Back light

A puzzling illumination
stopped me in my tracks.
The sun was not setting in the East.


These smoke bush leaves were backlit 
by the light bouncing
from a West facing window.

If I hadn't started a blog, 
these and a thousand other miniscule moments
would have been lost to me.

But more importantly 
I wouldn't have had the pleasure of
 seeing, reading, hearing and learning 
so many other fascinating things,
sent out into the world by bloggers 
for their moment in the sun.

My blog, somewhat to my astonishment,
 is still here four years later.
And if you are too,
then thank you very much
for backlighting these pages,
from the North, South, East or West.


  1. You light up my life over here in the west...
    Shine on!

  2. Ah yes, you do add to my sunshine quota you know. Do keep it up.

  3. What lovely lighting. Funny how blogging and cameras open our eyes to so many remarkable things.

    In regard to you question, this was an unusually early snow. Hopefully, we will get another chance at some autumn days.

  4. Lucille, this post shows just why I love visiting here again and again.

    I so agree with what you've expressed about blogging and light. I very much like your photos.

  5. It's so true about the miniscule moments. Who needs social media friends when we can have blogging companions in domesticity and light.

  6. My pleasure, Lucille. Keep on posting your beams of light.

  7. Your wonderful posts and photos have encouraged me look for and appreciate the miniscule and beautiful moments in my world, too.
    That's a second gift I thank you for!

  8. Still beaming from up north. Beautiful images as always.

  9. Your blog is most definitely back lighting my world over here :)
    Lovely thought!