Friday 12 November 2010


Should I write about the ghastly insidious mess 
spreading all over the house from the work 
being undertaken to bring our wiring up to date,

and the inevitable spoilage of much too recent redecoration;

or the thrill of being the first to sing 
Happy Birthday to our man on a futon over a Skype link?

Hip! Hip! Hooray! for electricity.


  1. Skype is absolutely amazing and electricity is pretty good too!
    The mess of plaster and brick is painful, but worth it in the end - just keep telling yourself that!

  2. What a wonderful world we now live in time overseas was pre computers and Skype, pre texts so I used to have a minimum three weeks wait for a reply to letters I sent home.
    Electricity is so important that the mess has to be tolerated.

  3. Perspective is of utmost important!

  4. Best to forget about the mess and concentrate on the joy of Skype............. What an era to be alive in! :O)

  5. Even Skype isn't as good as them being there, though.