Thursday 4 November 2010


It was warm enough to be in the garden in a T-shirt,

where I spotted this stray Nerine

and a single perfect rose.

 Tomorrow it is Guy Fawkes' night -
it should be freezing.
What barmy weather we are having.


  1. I spotted a dot of deep pink amongst the purple and yellow violas today, and went out to find a solitary little cyclamen in the pot - heaven knows where that came from! A nice surprise though.

    It's raining here, and there are fireworks going off everywhere - people just can't wait, can they!

  2. Roses are still blooming here in Brooklyn and as far north as my parents' gardens in New Hampshire. It does seem very late in the year, but I'm glad they are hanging on! The winter will be long enough.

  3. That's a sultry tune to match the vibrancy of your garden so late in the year.

  4. I'm not good at nerines, though I love them. I'm going to try them in pots next year since they clearly don't like our garden.

  5. Us, too! It was in the high seventies last week in northern California -- that is just too warm. Even for here.