Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Rude awakening

What would you rank as the worst possible noise
that could wake you in the small hours of the morning
in peace time?

A car crash? Heart stopping.
A child crying? Heart sinking.
A fight? Frightening. 
A battering ram? We heard that once next door.

Well last night at 1.15
it was a chain saw and an industrial tree shredder,
 right outside our house, but
we couldn't see which, or more pertinently
whose, tree they were cutting down.

It turned out they had been summoned to do the work
by the police because a dead tree had snapped
and fallen across the road.
Some of it fell towards the house next door
and now blocks their exit.

The remaining trunk is in urgent need of removal.

Judging by the neglectfulness of the landlord
this is unlikely to happen anytime soon.

Postscript. I was wrong. It has been removed, 
but only as far as the front garden.
They butchered a lovely damson for good measure too.
So much easier than taking the ivy off it.


  1. What a shame -- such a pretty door.

  2. We had a cow bawling ALL night - I suspect her calf has died and she is desperate to find it. Just thinking of that makes me sad for her.

  3. What beautiful brickwork. I love those scallops. I do hope the damson recovers.

    Lucille, don't give up! You know you are right, it is 'aitch' and always will be. Its and it's also drive me mad and I'm afraid to say I see them misused on blogs every day. 'Could of' instead of 'could have', 'less' when it should be 'few', apostrophes where they shouldn't be, missing apostrophes and 'your' instead of 'you're'. It all makes me grind my teeth.


  4. So shameful when people do not respect the property they own or are custodians of. What a waste!

  5. My goodness........ what a thing to happen and what a shame re the damson, sheer wanton destruction.....

  6. They'd obviously never tasted damson jam !