Monday 15 November 2010

Head of Invention

Though human genius 
in its various inventions
with various instruments 
may answer the same end,
it will never find an invention
more beautiful 
or more simple
or direct 
than nature,
because in her inventions
nothing is lacking
and nothing superfluous.

Leonard da Vinci
on a sculpture by Eduardo Paolozzi
on a dull day,
at the South Bank outside the Design Museum

and near to these offices.

I have been silenced online by
corroded batteries in my keyboard.
The good people at Apple have replaced it free of charge,
(no pun intended).


  1. They do honor their warranties ...

  2. Even though I had no receipt with me!

  3. Wonderful quote and well done Apple! It was a wonderful pun - even if not intended.

  4. I like this -- the head, the trees.