Monday 20 July 2009


You have to love the Poole Pottery Twintone and the
Start Rite sandals.
This was the ice cream that our Grandma used to call Metropolitan.
We got very good at dividing this into five equal portions
for pudding at Sunday lunchtimes.

Just about sums up this summer.

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  1. Dear Lucille,

    Such a pleasant surprise to see your words in my inbox this morning. My family and I are doing just fine. Our computer crashed about 3 months ago and we have not been able to get a new one so I have been going to the library for computer access up until recently, we now are borrowing one from friends until the fall when we hope to get another one of our own. Then I hope to blog again, even if it is just my homeschool blog. I just spent a few minutes peaking through your blog and found your entry about the ladybird... yes, very fascinating, how wonderful to have watched it, I'm sure.

    Again, it was so nice to here from you, thank you for taking the time to stop by my little space.

    I hope your having a great summer,