Tuesday 7 July 2009

Rocky roads

Life is full of them.

An absolute hyper-abundance of lethal ingredients.

Dear, dear, Nigella.

Biscuit bashing - excellent therapy.

Almost not worth bothering with the tin.

Out of focus on account of the nearness of my face to the chocolate.

1 comment:

  1. Hi Lucille, I'm catching up on your beautiful blog today. As always your photos are lovely and your posts are interesting. I have been online very, very little lately and have not had time for any real blog perusing. I did see your note to me (about the giveaway!) awhile back and meant to respond. This is the first real opportunity I've had to do so. I would love to receive any of those magazines you care to send my way! :-) You choose. I will send you my address if you want to email me at highdeserthome@gmail.com. Thanks, Lucille, and I hope to visit more often soon (if I *ever* get myself settled here and can stay put for more than a few days at a time). :-)