Saturday 18 July 2009

My favourite dress

As an antidote to yesterday's grey,

I bring orange and pink,

to brighten another resolutely dull day.

And while trying to grasp at some evanescent memory
from childhood to do with a dress my mother made,
round necked, short sleeved and splashed with psychedelic daisies,

I came across some bright scraps of silk
from much the same era

and then this best dress, saved against all the odds,
through countless moves and
ruthless culls,
for nearly half a century.

My favourite dress.
(If you don't count The Grand Old Duke of York Dress,
the Jelly Dress and the Star skirt.)

What was your favourite dress?


  1. My favourite dress was a Marimekko design from Finland, bought in Copenhagen in 1969! I loved it. A heavy rich cotton with a deep red and off white slightly irregular stripe, beautifully printed. I still have it! and wore it a couple of years ago to a friends 60th birthday party - still thinking I was the bees knees!
    Here's a link

    Apologies if you keep getting this. I've tried several attempts but not sure if it gets sent or not! You probably have an entire collection by now!

  2. Great dress and what cool friends you have.

    I love Marimekko fabrics. There's a shop called Skandium in London that has some rolls of their fabric.

  3. When Laura Ashley was in full swing, Marimekko's fabrics by contrast seemed so simple, clean, and bright.