Thursday 16 July 2009

Sea bass, samphire, artichokes and storms

So that's what we had for supper.
You can't see the sea bass, it's being expertly gutted.

I should have bought the mackerel
for the health giving properties of Omega 3 and its
considerably lower price,
but one bass between three was plenty.

Eldest son baked it in a parcel with lemon grass, chilli and rice wine,
a recipe from Nigel Slater's Appetite.

Unexpected lillies in a forgotten corner,
not ravaged by the beautiful but hungry red Lily beetle this year.

Spent Christophii alliums.

A Grandpa Otis Morning Glory.
I wonder who he was.

Not this one.
But I've found out how to embed from You Tube, so
that's giving me a lot of fun.

Is mine the only Buddleia that doesn't attract butterflies
as promised in gardening articles?

Then the clouds rolled in and we had the mother of all storms.

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