Monday, 14 August 2017

I couldn't resist. . .

. . .the dust jacket on this book,

this celadon jug on the bric a brac stall,

a go on this swing.

Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Summery summary

From Soulemama came this idea to knit a hat,
The Happiest Hat, in the round, in Fair Isle using up oddments.
Not something I've ever done before.
I cast on the requisite number of stitches,
because surely I can count,
and found to my horror,
 several ticklish rounds later, that I was five short.
Never mind I thought. I have made a start.
I will carry on and it will just have to be for a smaller head.
I had just such a one in mind.

From Cornflower came this book recommendation.
I lay down on the grass directly. No rug.
Not something I usually do.
It is that sort of book.

From Laughingkidslearn came all sorts of craft ideas
for entertaining granddaughter last week.

 And from my correspondent in India quite coincidentally, 
came a video demonstrating the art of rangoli
which gives me an idea for all that rainbow rice
now that the grandaughter is on tour again.

A little memento left by my computer.

Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Saturday, 22 July 2017

Light and shade (and a short rant)

Where it is acceptable -
the flaking paint on this walled garden door at Nostell Priory

And where it is not -
the flaking, chipped, blistered, rusting paint job in the bath
at our Airbnb.

Tuesday, 18 July 2017

The Favourite Walk revisited

This was the view for a worryingly long time,
squashed into a hedgerow, wing mirror folded and holding in our stomachs
as caravans and 4x4s inched down a lane
wholly inadequate for the traffic, which had been diverted by a field fire.

'Go on, you could get a bus through there,'
was the helpful advice yelled from the car in front to each anxious
new driver as they advanced towards us grimacing.
'I only came out for a pie and a pint,' was the cheery and more typical
reaction from one man as he made it past us.

A huge sigh of relief went up as we saw the motorhome ahead of us 
accelerate away in a wider stretch.
The wide rolling hills of the South Downs as they hoved into view
were never more welcome.

I've checked back, and it seems to be six years since we last did this walk,
or perhaps I didn't record it here.

The V-shaped view to the sea

opens just as satisfactorily as it ever did,

and the view to the Seven Sisters seems little changed,
but for the fact that there were two large cliff falls
further along at Birling Gap recently.

Two military planes briefly shattered the peace.

It was still a lovely walk but something vital was missing.

It was the company of our sons.

Saturday, 15 July 2017

A walk on the wild side

This shrew - not alive sadly - but still looking pretty perky.
Like the mole I found last year.

I swear this hen was posing.
It froze until it heard the shutter click.

Human being herded by hens.

Bees love drumstick alliums.

I took out a huge dogwood which revealed the weedy mess 
that the site of an old pond had become behind it.
One thing led to another and we found we had cleared a corner without
a real plan, so we plonked down six bags of woodbark on weed suppressing membrane,
(two trips to the garden centre because one always underestimates)
and a few large logs from the cedar cut down  two years ago
and lo! all the disposessed frogs came hopping out.
This one hopped onto my bare foot which was a cold and clammy surprise,
but no more than I deserved for taking away its ancestral home.

This Red Admiral has taken to basking each evening during the last minutes
before the sun goes behind a tall tree and rapidly plunges the garden into shadow.