Monday 13 November 2017


I am not a fan of the large tote.
It may be my undoing one day but if I can,
I leave the house with no more than a travel card,
a credit card, my phone and my keys.
Even the keys are paired down because the car key fob is so bulky.
Not for me the chatelaine's heavy belt hook.

I don't carry make up because I don't wear any.
I never mastered that skill.
I don't carry a book because I can't concentrate on trains and tubes -
the people must be watched.
I don't carry an umbrella because it never rains if I do.

The newel post is the usual home for household bags.
The threadbare Ally Capellino page is a handmedown from son 
(Happy Birthday!) to husband,
the Strand Bookstore bag is my sole souvenir from the last New York trip,
and the small felt bag is you know who's.
She chose the ribbon and the button.
If only all bags could be as minimal as this.

Of course the bag carried by her loyal retainers is huge.
Change of clothes, change of shoes, waterproofs, gloves, hat, scarf,
 wipes, toys, hair accoutrements,
drink, snacks, sunglasses, make up quite probably. . .


  1. Oh, those eyes! and the make up!

    You might remember that I don't carry a bag unless it is really necessary; phone, credit cards, lip-salve, hearing aid batteries, key and a tissue are all in specific pockets in my gilet or jacket.

    1. I meant to say that all those things are dispersed around the pockets. The bag is very optional. I may not be a Virgo but we are like-minded in that respect.

  2. A visagiste with flair !
    I couldn't get on a train without a book , someone might start talking to me . People-watching is one thing , people-listening is something else .

    1. No one talks on trains here. Too busy looking at their phones.

  3. Thanks to you and mi'lady for the laugh today. Some fine poems have been written while people watching on a train. I just read one by Billy Collins. He wrote his on the back of a manila envelope. Just like your umbrella, if I carry a small notebook in my small handbag, inspiration eludes me. I suspect Inspiration doesn't carry a handbag either, and loves to ride the train in silence.

  4. I missed the make-up memo too Lucille, and with those beautiful eyes I don't think your granddaughter will ever need to wear any. Love her playful attempt though! These days I have a small Healthy Back Bag which has so little in it I barely notice I'm wearing it and it leaves my hands free... have never been comfortable with more traditional style handbags.