Sunday 10 December 2017

Tall Cat takes refuge

from the snow.

It must be at least 3mm deep.


  1. The littlest boy has been SO excited, even though we also have around 3mm. The cat looks adorable, I am very envious of his leisure. CJ xx

    1. What did Bertie think of the snow? One of the few things against which his camouflage colour will not work. How did you not lose him in a pile of beech leaves?


  2. He is so blessed to have you as a surrogate servant. We have about 20 cms of snow and it has brought out all the neighbours, helping to push cars and then, later, wheelbarrowing rocksalt from the yellow bins to spread on our slippy road. A very happy day.

  3. I've spent the day rather like him , really , though less elegantly , perhaps.

  4. I love a) the cat b) the rug. I do not love c) the snow, although happily we haven't had any.