Monday 30 October 2017

Winding down at Sissinghurst

 And some essential maintenance.
The tower is under scaffolding for the next six months.

A cold snap at last.
I have been planting tulips 
and trying to remember what my intentions were
for Spring 2018 when I ordered them.

In other news, furniture is being eyed up for reupholstering.
A new carpet is being laid.
Light bulbs have been replaced.

Autumn is the new Spring.


  1. When you say that light bulbs have been replaced, do you mean by those longlife ones?

    1. No they were dead so-called long life ones! We have such a vast assortment of differing bulbs around the place, bayonet, screw in of varying sizes, candle bulbs, under cupboard ones, a giant one for a standard lamp, LED, old school filaments . . . It used to be a question of whether it was 60W or 100W bayonet and that was it.

    2. It sounds very complicated.

  2. A major investment ! Luckily our local supermarket has a young man who knows which lamp fits where .
    I was thinking that what I really could use in the kitchen is a miner's lamp .

  3. Oooh, lovely Sissinghurst. So very much not handy for Edinburgh, alas, though we've been twice. That looks like expensive renovation...