Thursday, 11 April 2013

The Borrower

If it must start raining again,
and it is,
why can't it do it with the dramatic stylishness
demonstrated here at my good friend

In fact I think this is the way forward.
When life fails to deliver blog-worthy material,
I shall appropriate it from 
useful and beautiful places elsewhere.


  1. Ooh, thief!

    It's a stunning picture isn't it?

    We had a little rain, not too much but it has raised the petals on my five (!) Crocuses that were flat on the ground, exhausted.

  2. Certainly', if you want palm trees , it would seem like a good idea .

  3. I love your blog and pictures for the perfectly observed quietnesses of life!

  4. That's a beautiful photo, and you are a very polite borrower.

    I send you lots and lots of belated Happy Birthday wishes! You are entering a decade that is full of wonderful experiences and lots of reflections, too. (Well, that's what I've found as I draw nearer to 70.)