Wednesday, 2 May 2018

Grr, gah, waaa

Well there's no denying it's lush.

But it's getting hard to stay motivated.

 The tomato seedlings have stalled
and the sweet peas are lying weakly on the soil
next to their robust wigwam.
It's too sad to show you.

Slates are sliding off the roof
in a manner horribly reminiscent of guillotine blades
so that's the next big job - one that we have dodged -
since we first moved here twenty odd years ago, 
apart from some remedial work.
I predict that the sun will come out just as soon
as we are wrapped around with light excluding scaffolding.
Perhaps we will be glad of the shade.

Meanwhile I am knitting faux Fair Isle,
 binge watching Parks and Recreation
and there's a batch of cheese scones in the oven.


  1. I sympathize and I applaud your problem-solving -- knitting, cheese scones, binge-watching, sounds like just the self-care necessary.

  2. Yes, spring seems to have sidled off somewhere doesn't it. Knitting fair isle sounds like a challenge. I seem to be hooked on the baby jacket I fell in love with that you did - on to no.3 now. Am loving the clever way that such a strange shape becomes a jacket as if by magic.

    1. This is cheating with self patterning wool which actually looks nothing like Fair Isle but makes quite pretty stripes. I have previously managed the real thing but don't seem to have the time for it this time round. I think I might make another Zimmerman jacket. They are fun...

  3. Wow, that bank of bluebells! Beautiful. They are just starting to come out here.
    I can sympathise Lucille... I'm currently ignoring the need to replace my windows... it is only the paint holding the bedroom one together... and the 30 yr old double glazing is adding extra cloud! Where's a cheese scone when you need one?

  4. Sorry, I think Friesland got yesterday's European ration of sun ... people here were walking around smiling broadly at each other.
    But Tom Kerridge suddenly gurgled "lush" and I wanted a cheese scone and a bluebell.

  5. I'm normally quite late sowing my tomato seeds, but this year, in a spell of warm days, I proudly watched them hatch on the kitchen window sill. Now, it's been cold, and they have been sulking! I'm not sure I gained any more time overall by being early. You are not alone! And houses are never done!

  6. Cheese scones? Be still, my heart!

  7. May I see the faux Fair Isle??

    1. You may. But the wool has made rather extravagant claims for itself. In truth it is self striping. The Fair Isle bit would fool no one.