Thursday, 10 May 2018

Faux Fair Isle Fail

I was very taken by the idea that I could use a wool
that would knit Fair Isle all by itself,
according to the lady in the shop.
I have attempted the real thing and it's time consuming, fiddly
and rather too warm with the double layer of loops at the back of the work.
I needed a quick project that would be off the needles before
grand-daughter went away on her holiday.
Planes can be chilly even though her destination isn't.
So I embarked on a hooded jumper with pom poms
excited to see how this would work.

Hmm. Nice stripes with the merest suggestion of alternate stitch colour change
but Fair Isle it ain't.
For the real thing you could do no better than to visit this clever person.

Luckily grand-daughter likes it a lot
and wore it with the hood up on quite a warm day
until we both agreed that she was getting a bit too hot.


  1. What a success! And lovely link thank you.

  2. Thank you. I have been enjoying seeing glimpses of your lovely garden in a book called The Garden Source. I am looking for ways to reduce the weeding and mowing effort in our garden especially as we are bordered by wildernesses, horticulturally speaking, on both sides and fighting a losing battle with nettles, brambles, ash and bindweed and now discover to our horror that a landscaper who did the front drive imported ground elder which was never there before in some top soil he spread.

  3. Well it may not be the real thing, but it's lovely and looks like it has been very well received! Fabulous Fair Isle in your link... I wish I had the patience and skill...

  4. Lovely stripes, I used to enjoy the challenge of knitting Fair Isle. And enjoyed wearing them in Switzerland. Now they lurk, accusingly, waiting for our rare chilly days.

  5. It might not be Fair Isle but it's a great little sweater, a gentle and charming palette. I'm impressed by how perfectly the hood fits -- it looks very comfortable, snug, but not too -- did you use a pattern for it or improvise one yourself?

    1. It is a tad too snug which considering I used the 4/5 year old sizing was a surprise. I am not an improviser! When the decreasing for the raglan did not require the number of rows it told me to knit to get to the right number of stitches I was completely thrown. I kept doing the sums and could not make it come right. But I'm going to knit it again in a 5/6 because she likes it so much and there'll be another use for the smaller one before too long!