Thursday 12 April 2018

The greyest of days

The monotony relieved by

Andreas Gursky at the newly refurbished Hayward Gallery.
It has taken two years and the 66 restored pyramidal roof lights,
letting in 'God's daylight' as decreed by Henry Moore 
 make a big difference to the atmosphere on the upper floor.

I don't think they did anything to improve the loos though.


  1. That's some pretty decent relief (although it's too bad about the loos ;-)) I'm searching out whatever cheer I can find in a similarly persistent grey wet we're moving through (aren't we? oh, I hope we're not just stuck in it forever!) across the big pond. . .

  2. I loved that exhibition and went back a second time with a friend's children who were fascinated by the Amazon warehouse etc. But it's still a Brutalist landscape - how can it take 20 mins to get from the Hayward to the BFI, for heaven's sake - dank staircases, closed doors, up and down, never on the right level ... I didn't sample the loos!