Monday 9 April 2018

Sunday mornings go for a ride

They got the tower out of its wraps just in time for my birthday.

It was worth the climb up to the top
to examine the new oak shingles,
although French not English oak, according to the rather
dispeptic guide at the bottom.

Apparently the newly restored flagpole 
is planted over the clock mechanism
which is why it is forever 7 o'clock at Sissinghurst.

The raised troughs are exquisitely replanted.

My vote for best arrangement in a shell at the Spring Show went to this.

Although deluges have resumed we had a reminder
of what spring could deliver in the woods
on a perfect day at the weekend.

I found a tin of tomato seeds. 
Is it too late?
It's hard to work up any enthusiasm for potting compost and seed trays.

Yours sincerely, wasting away. 


  1. Hi Lucille, We visited three weeks ago, just after Sissinghurst reopened for the season, as we were in Kent for my birthday. It's good to see how the garden is developing! Hope you had a lovely birthday x

  2. I have not sown a single seed this year, everything is sodden so I shall sow later and hope that things catch up.

  3. Hard to believe that this time last year we watched the sun go down at Whitstable after a picnic in the woods at Blean and tea in the garden in Canterbury. I remember it well because it was my daughter’s 21st birthday. Today she is home and it has been drizzly grey all day. Ah well, when Spring comes we will appreciate it all the more and hopefully the sun will be out when we make our coutesy stop at Sissinghurst next week. Happy birthday Lucille.

  4. What a fantastic place. I have never been in Spring. I must say I find it hard to truly believe it is SE England though, I mean considering the weather we have had. How did you ever find those rays of sunshine? :)

  5. It feels as if green were still a dream in my neck of the woods. Let alone such a wealth of color as you are experiencing in yours. I suppose that means the new thermos I received at Christmas will be filled with hot soup for the picnic and walk in the woods I am hoping for this weekend.

  6. Thanks for the photos. Happy you at least had a decent day on your visit. I do find it sadly funny that they placed a flagpole precisely where it would interfere with the sun clock.

    Happy Belated Birthday.

  7. What wonderful birthday Springness! You've inspired me to go for a walk in the woods... when the rain ceases that is. No seed trays or potting compost here yet either...

  8. Oh oh oh you're so lucky being able to pop down.. up... or wherever... to Sissinghurst. I've never been in spring. It requires major effort from here.