Monday 16 April 2018

Magnolia days

There was once very little choice in paint colours.
I remember Brilliant White being heralded as a breakthrough,
previous whites tending towards the yellow.
You could also have Primrose yellow
and a peachy pink, eau de nil and a rather chilly blue,
but magnolia won hands down in the popularity stakes,
despite not resembling any magnolia I have ever seen.

A quick check around tells me pale grey is the new white,
(Elephant's Breath by Farrow and Ball if you're feeling flush). 

What fun it must be - choosing the names.


  1. So true. I found it so bewildering the last time I had to choose a white paint from so many possible gradations, hues. Some friends are so savvy about which choices would work for north-facing whereas I feel like a wine-taster who's forgotten to spit out tastings of the last twelve glasses. . . Love your magnolia photos -- aren't they glorious this time of year against almost any kind of sky. . .

  2. Magnolias (and any kind of blossom) against a blue sky is one of my favourite things... But you have reminded me that my walls really need painting! Not Elephant's Breath though... and I will be avoiding Dead Salmon too.

  3. Many of my walls are painted in a color which might be compared to Farrow and Ball "Elephant's Breath" except that I think mine was called oyster or ostrich feather. If I had been consulted, I would have named it: "smooth, round pebble in a bowl of sand on a windy day at the shore". It is probably self-evident why no one from a paint factory is eager to hire me.