Friday 12 May 2017

Looking up

The weather,
(sorry it's all I can talk about at the moment)
is looking up.
Warm enough to shed the 'shmere,
and tempting enough to plant out the tomatoes 
and think about filling the pots, troughs and baskets
which are still full of tulip stalks.
Much though I love Sarah Raven's planting combinations,
it is more economical to take her suggestions to the local garden centre.
I can also choose my moment rather than being worried 
that I won't be here when they arrive and they will shrivel on the doorstep.

The window man is back.
Work has started on replacing our rotten garage doors,
so that's going to be a welcome facelift for the house. 
and quite by coincidence I managed to bump into
Mark Rylance again, while lurking outside The Mousetrap
which I perhaps inadvisedly decided was one of those things 
I ought to have seen by now.
And no, I haven't seen Star Wars or read War and Peace.

We fitted in a trip to Avebury, which was a full winter garb experience
but still very uplifting.

We heard our son's plane fly in over the house this morning.
I looked up but couldn't see it as the clouds have rolled back in,
but it will be lovely to have him back for a little while,
until he takes off again for Japan.


  1. Avebury is one of our favorite places in England in any weather. No Star Wars or War and Peace, but I have seen The MouseTrap. Where in Japan is your son? My daughter is on the southern island of Kyushu in Fukuoka

  2. Ah, spring, jolly spring. We've had lots of sunny weather but it's still a trifle parky.

  3. Star Wars I have missed, but I can tick off the MouseTrap and War and Peace. (My mother learnt Russian to read the original, but I am happy with an English translation)

    1. How extraordinary. I recently met a woman who did just the same; completed a PhD at the age of 74 and became an expert in Pushkin and an acclaimed translator. Her name is Mary Hobson. Her autobiography is called The Feast.

  4. Those alliums against the blue sky are heavenly. Your children are very considerate in giving you lovely places to go and visit them! Japan is on my wish list...