Tuesday 30 May 2017

Floriferous frenzy

It's almost too much to take in, this headlong rush into summer.
Even waking at 5 and going in at 9,
there aren't enough hours to absorb all the changes.
Roses bloom and petals drop,
the foxglove spires elongate and fill with bees,
the clematis Wilsonii really does smell of chocolate,
but the honeysuckle is still scentless.Why?
Californian poppies shout for attention.
The white wisteria veil falls again across the Sisisinghurst walls,
a little respite.

A hammock is slung.
The occupant now bound once again for Japan.


  1. Alas for the departure to Japan. Lovely flowers, though. Carpe, as you say, diem.

  2. Oh my! A lot going on. Enjoy.

  3. Lucille, your beautiful post is a glowing tribute to life! I loved seeing it. xo

  4. It's taken me by surprise too, this sudden transition to Summer. But glorious in all its overwhelmingness (is that a word?). Lovely photos Lucille - I can smell the lavender and feel the warmth...

  5. What bliss your posts are, especially when saturated with colour, like this one.

    1. Thank you! I must admit it's a shot in the arm looking back at them especially now that chill winds have returned.