Friday 24 March 2017


You know when you get one of those scratchy labels,
and you think you must just cut it out,
but you are in a bit of a hurry,
and think you could quite easily 
reach round  the back of your neck with the scissors
and very carefully snip it out?

You may all roll your eyes in disbelief.

But now, what if you think,
you have a lifetime's experience of remedying impulsive acts to draw on,
and no one need ever know?

I knew there was a reason to hang on to all those little fabric samples.
I may customise all my jumpers thusly.
It could be my trademark.


  1. That is EXACTLY the sort of thing I would do. Beautifully mended though, good job you! CJ xx

  2. I like it, you clever girl. Could you do mine? I could easily do the holes if you could handle the scraps.

  3. ha - i love it! yes to a trademark like that.

  4. Some call it make do and mend but it's what every art student knows about - happenstance!

  5. I specialise in going into a dark room at night, saving time (??) by not switching on the light and then falling over something. Well saved, however.

  6. Oh, I like that - well done!

  7. Clever - I wonder if I can do something similar with the hole in the table runner that I gouged when trying to scrape candle wax off it?