Thursday 13 August 2015

Bye summer?

Is that it?
Is summer over?
It has been dark, dark, dark all day.
I hear rustlings of spring from Antipodean blogs.
Their days are lengthening.
The sun favours them with its strengthening rays
as we turn our face away.
The plane trees leaves are falling -
brown paper napkins littering the drive.


  1. Noooo! It's only just starting up here in Scotland. Today was beautiful, the warmest yet. We're still waiting for the butterflies to come...and some of the annuals to flower

  2. not yet. Still bitterly cold here.

  3. Lucille, your photographs are beautiful and evocative as always. I do not wish them to evoke a summer farewell quite yet. (Of course, I am typing that wish even after I included a picture of Santa in my recent post.)

    August is a month when many Americans have their holidays, just before the school year begins to call children to their desks. France has its own approach to August.

    I admit to preferring the delicately tender spring green to the more mature, even slightly rusty green that now appears around us. And yet...delicious red tomatoes will still be appearing in the market for quite a few more weeks. I champion the tomato as a delicious summer ambassador.

    I do not wish to encourage autumn's arrival quite yet.


  4. Compared to us you've had a wonderful summer! We were down in Guildford last week and couldn't understand why people were complaining they were cold! As artisfriend commented here, yesterday was glorious and we're ever hopeful more of the same will follow!

  5. No no no you mustn't say that - it's just a hiccup that's all.

  6. September will be lovely, just wait and see!

  7. School begins here again next week !

  8. I don't really mind - summer's been a bit of a damp squib in these parts. I love autumn (but wouldn't say no to some sunshine and blue skies). Beautiful images and words, too.

  9. We only just seem to have summer....or do I say that every year as the days shorten and there is a nip in the air?