Thursday 2 July 2015

Krazy Kondo-ing

On the hottest day of the year we were committed to hosting
a three house Table Sale in the front drive from 7am to 7pm.

Marie doesn't focus on the practicalities of getting the stuff beyond your four walls
after putting it into black bin bags, but this is a good way
if you happen to live on a busy road, on commuter and school routes
with no parking restrictions.

It might have been the heat,
but such was my feverish urge to rid myself of the clutter
that I probably would have put the cat out on the table
if we'd had one.

Ice cold Peronis all round
when we were sure that the last of the weary commuters
had straggled past.

Then a swift trip to the charity shop today
with all the leftovers.

£165 and an empty garage.

We met some very interesting people too.
Our capsule, house to car, car to house life
means we hardly know any of our neighbours
which is a real loss.
We need more people
and fewer things.


  1. That looks exhausting, well done for doing it though.

  2. Excellent. Alas, we live in a cul-de-sac with five houses, one of which is occupied only on occasional weekends, so no passing trade would materialise.

    Love the baby on the sand!

  3. Oh well done! I am so impressed Lucille! And I do agree with your last two lines....

  4. Lucille, sounds as if your garage clear out had lots of layers of positive results. Great to allow all those passers by to have an opprtunity to take on some of your treasures vintage treasures, and...for that interchange to also result in your meeting more of your neighbors.

    Without actually reading anything about Ms Kondo, I'd gotten the idea that she urges sudden, brisk clearance. I think your adaptation seems more beneficial to others.


  5. I am very impressed. we decluttered a bit, everything is still stuffed in the garage...............

  6. I could not agree more with the idea of needing more people and fewer things. I couldn't manage this though as no one ever comes past us. We are the end of a road high up on a hillside. It is one of the beauties of the place and one of its disadvantages too. I have an urge to rid myself of masses of accumulated paperwork but the weather is so lovely I can't bear to be inside. I strongly suspect that when I am inside again the urge will have passed!

  7. Less stuff, more people - a good philosophy for life.

  8. I'm lucky to know and like a lot of my neighbours, and I totally agree that the connections with people are more valuable than 'stuff'. It can be hard to make those connections though and easy to forget how important it is. Well done with the clearing out!

  9. I'm all in favour but it can backfire .
    I remember selling a neighbour's little boy a very battered recorder ... before we moved , he'd graduated to a saxaphone .

  10. Is that my Magimix, dear Lucille?

    1. No it's your juicer and we thought that the way things stand in Taizhou at present, it would be prudent to find it a new home.

  11. Rats, sinking ship, etc. I suppose next thing you'll be flogging off my chaise longue.

  12. Having a good clear out gives one space to breathe, does it not? As long as one does not overcompensate by storing the accumulation of new acquaintances in ones empty garage.

    I once made $900 at a two-day table sale (we call them garage or yard sales). It was epic. Alas, the basement needs clearing again, and not because it is full of friends.