Tuesday 7 July 2015

All by ourselves

at the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition.

Jim Lambie's Zobop zippy floor on the stairs up to the exhibition.
My senses are reeling already.

A last minute staff meeting.
Have they got used to the pink walls?

I want to come back to the picture on the left later.

Someone is ahead of me.

Two Sisters - William Bowyer
and to the left of them Afternoon Skaters - Bill Jacklin RA.

The Old House Dreams it is Still There-
Peter Messer.

London - The Streets - Kim Rugg.
Of course I checked.

A Humument 1966-2015 -Tom Phillips RA.

A Humument - Bourgeois Pictures.
We have been there;  we have seen bourgeois  pictures

Section model Feed the World Skyfarm - Lord Rogers of Riverside RA

Time Without Title - Andreea Albani.

Now back to Red Studio - Rose Hilton.

Rose Hilton is the wife of the artist Roger Hilton.
she talks about his work here :

As his wife she was actively discouraged to paint, 
despite attending the Royal College of Art,
winning the Life Drawing and Painting prize and the
Abbey Minor scholarship to Rome.
She painted a little if he went out but only
 took up her brushes again in earnest after he died in 1975.
This work was submitted in her 84th year.
Do read the article if you have time, but if not
perhaps listen to this.
I found it very moving in the circumstances.


  1. the old house dreams, makes my heart ache.

  2. I'd need sunglasses to walk up that carpet! But I'd certainly take the sunglasses off to look at Two Sisters. I really love that picture.

  3. I haven't been to the summer exhibition yet, it looks great. I saw Rose Hilton on a BBC programme about the Summer Exhibition. It was a short part of a longer programme, she came across as very gracious and full of life. I'm so glad she's painting now and is being given the attention she deserves. Very happy to see that you were allowed to take photos.

    1. Yes I checked. Just a few with no camera signs e.g. Anthony Gormley. I stopped taking pictures when the gallery filled, so the ones I have are not necessarily representative of my favourites.

  4. I'm planning to take my children in the summer holidays (the eldest is taking his art gcse next year) and this has filled me with excitement. Thank you Lucille.

    1. If you can, book 10 am slot online and arrive as doors open to collect your tickets at a separate queue. You should have some breathing space in there for a little while. It was bliss while it lasted.

  5. Dear Lucille. Thank you so much for this beautiful post. i set aside some time this morning so that I could absorb all that you've so kindly shared with us.

    The Royal Academy is a place I have visited many times, including on my last trip to London. I have seen quite a variety of exhibits there over the decades, but have never visited the Summer Exhibit. I have only once been to London during the summer. And so my curiosity about what this legendary show might present has always been there.

    From what you've shown us, I think that I would have found much to interest me. I've seen many Tom Phillips exhibits, both here and over there, and have always found much in his work.

    I am sure that many of the other exhibiting artists would also draw my attention, but surely I must particularly thank you for introducing me to Roger and Rose Hilton. I cannot imagine why I have not previously known of them. The video of Rose Hilton giving a unique gallery tour of her late husband's work was spellbinding. I think that I might wish to set aside another morning or afternoon to look at this footage again. Thank you also for the link to the review of her exhibit. Now I will try to seek out more information about this fine artist and amazing woman.


  6. Thank you for the tour, I've learnt so much! I'd never come across 'A Humument' before - what a cool idea, and amazing commitment.

  7. The commentator dreams that she owns "The Old House Dreams it is Still There".

  8. My friend Simon is one of the RA slaves who made that floor. I think it has driven him more daft than Nature intended.