Saturday 11 July 2015

A summer's day

Inspired by this inviting scene at Gravetye Manor,

we decided that this was the summer we would acquire a croquet set.

It arrived today.
The mallets looked a little bit short.
The hoops no more substantial than bent wire coat hangers.

Our lawn?
Well let's just say that it presents
some interesting tactical challenges.

But the satisfactory crack of wooden mallet
on wooden ball played a perfect summer counterpoint
to the muffled shouts from Wimbledon
drifting through an open window.

We played until we couldn't see the hoops anymore.
And then we came in for tarragon chicken,
 strawberries and meringues.


  1. Brilliant post! May you have many more perfect days.

  2. oh a perfect day indeed xxx

    there's a croquet team at one of our local national trust houses, it is mesmerizing to watch it played "professionally", they take it ever so seriously!

  3. It does indeed sound perfect. I hope you had Pimms too...

    1. I always like the idea of a jug of Pimms but it gives me a headache.

  4. Gravetye Manor couldn't have done better .
    How did your olive green foot hold up ?

  5. Nothing like a game of crochet to bring out the best/worst in people.

  6. I hope that you have some shrubbery for dastardly side swipes.

    1. We certainly have shrubs a-plenty. Tell me more about dastardly side swipes. I am a novice.

  7. I heard on NPR today that croquet is an "endangered sport!" Glad you are doing your part. We are here, too!

  8. Tactical challenges make life (and croquet) more interesting, don't you think?