Thursday 14 May 2015

The good guys and the bad guys

All the greens are gorgeous, of course

but just now,

 some greens,

I must confess,

are more gorgeous

than others.

The top five pictures are Sissinghurst.

The bottom five -
angelica, goosegrass, brambles, ground elder,
gone mad geraniums, bindweed,
tiny pernicious weed in gravel, 
giant what-the-dickens-is-this? weed,

are not.

The bad guys are winning.


  1. What the dickens is this looks like a butterbur. And those tulips - wow - never seen the like!

  2. Lucille, let me first compliment you on the photography. Sissinghurst and elsewhere.

    Sometimes I do wonder if those bad guys win because they are more determined. I do admire the message this post is sending and would love to volunteer to help with weeding. Particularly if we could be chatting about all sorts of topics as those weeds were found and dealt with.

    On a gentle note, the local farmers markets have finally got their wintery root veg yielding to beautiful asparagus and lots of delicate leafy greens. Wild arugala was part of tonight's supper on my plate.


  3. Number 10 ... looks suspiciously like burdock to me. Number 1 ... wow, that green is, well, green ... gorgeous!

  4. Why do the bad guys always win. Well they do in my garden. Having said that, is any plant truly bad?

  5. Thistle and rabbits are the bad guys in my garden. Why do the rabbits always eat my beloveds? It just isn't the same viewing one's garden wrapped in chicken wire.

  6. Those little pernicious ones are the worst - so fiddly to get out. At least bees like angelica. I think...
    Sissinghurst looks very beautiful.

  7. The bad guys always win. Having looked despairingly over my garden today, I believe this to be true.....

  8. But Angelica is an amazingly architectural plant and it looks gorgeous!

    1. Mine has formed a high rise conurbation.