Thursday 7 May 2015

Ah lambs!

Ah bluebells!

Ah rhododendrons!

Ah azaleas!

Ah wisteria!

Ah cow parsley!

Ah May!

(And election day,

by the way.)


  1. We did a bit of 'ah bluebells' on bank holiday Monday. Well I did. Kids did not seem that impressed. Maybe it will grow on them. Very excited to be taking my son, just 18, to vote for his first time.

  2. Ah Lucille - May beautifully captured.

  3. I know we're programmed to melt at the sight of all baby animals but that lamb really IS especially sweet !

  4. It's May, It's May, the lusty month of May. Such pretty pictures, love the bluebells.

  5. Lucille, that little lamb is adorable...all set to follow someone to school.

    All of your May photographs are beauties. Wysteria is just coming into bloom over here, and I definitely have to get back over to the Park ... perhaps tomorrow. As I type this afternoon, I am listening to election results via BBC London on my laptop. Seems as if the early exit poll reports are surprising.


  6. Lovely Spring photos. I have Autumn ones here.

  7. Wow! Those bluebells make my Australian bluebells look insipid by comparison.

    Unfortunately, I can't look at lambs and see anything other than a horrible early death.

  8. Ah early summer! How much happier a thing is a real live lamb than a manmade election.

  9. Ah, you made my May day.

    xo J

  10. Aaah it's a lovely time of year - all these things just a bit later here....joys to come!

  11. All lovely but ah, election results. Hmm. Very surprising, at least to me. I fear another referendum looming.