Saturday 16 May 2015

A lemon on a plate

A new plate made by Nao Nakayama.

A lemon on the new plate.

We have been outside fighting the weeds
and decommissioning the three defunct ponds.

I went on a little longer than was wise.
I was hungry but too enervated to do more than squeeze a lemon
and stir it into olive oil and grated Parmesan.
A sauce for a bowl of tagliatelle.


  1. Lucille, your posts and pictures are like little meditations,. I love them.

  2. Gosh, you are so much more sophisticated than I am in your tastes. I'd have had a cheese sandwich (though I must confess I'd have made slightly more effort for my non-vegetarian husband). I hope you're winning against the weeds. They don't half sneak up on one at this time of year.

  3. You tells such a good story in so few words. It's wonderful. Your writing is such food for thought, in content & style. Thankyou. Katharine

  4. Surely you are not expecting another Visit?

  5. And now , of course , that's the only possible thing to have for lunch ....
    Where's a lemon ?

  6. Lucille, how well you've described this day. The visual and verbal curve of this post is beautiful.


  7. Beautiful plate! Why can I not be stylish when enervated and hungry? A slice of bread and butter in the hand is about as good as I manage....

  8. Not only a beautiful plate but also a lemon with the stalk attached - haven't had one of those since I went scrumping in Tunisia - or Morocco...