Wednesday, 12 February 2014


A very brief foray out of doors between deluges,
revealed the vigorous and wholly unexpected growth
of this clematis Armandii.

The clothes line is entirely redundant.

This land drain however, is not
and I am eternally grateful to the 19th century builder
who placed it at the bottom of the sloping garden near our house.


  1. Another dreadful day - I haven't ventured out at all except to take down the bird table and feeders which were taking a bit of a bashing.

  2. Foresight indeed!

  3. We're well into yet another snow day here in NYC, so it's great to see some greenery in your photographs. I think that photo of the filigree land drain is real beauty! The colors, shapes and composition are very appealing. And, of course, it's pretty fine that the drain is still performing its duties well.


  4. I notice that the water meter so badly situated in the tarmac at our front door acts as a land drain......

  5. I would also like to thank the builder who thought to build the drain, because so far your posts remain virtually flood free.

  6. Hopefully it was the drain that was redundant today ... well if you had the same glorious weather we did it will have been ... such a wonderful respite from the rain :)