Tuesday 18 February 2014

Blue and gold

We've had some beautiful blue sky and gold sun at last.

So I'm making a blue and gold bowl.

This is work in progress.

Like Sarah I thought it was time to liberate my art materials.
I might not make something perfect
but I'll make nothing at all
if I leave them in the plan chest.

I might finally permit myself to use some precious leaf metal to line the bowl.
It has waited twenty years for its moment in the sun.


  1. That's a beautiful act of liberation.

  2. That is one pretty bowl - clever you.

  3. Beautiful shape . Glorious colours . I love it !

  4. Lucille, the shape, colors and glow of that bowl are perfect together! Of course, now I am so very curious as to how you made it, particularly because it looks as if it has just always existed...or appeared after a magic wand was waved.

    Bravo! xo

  5. Wow, what a marvellous piece of work. Is it Papier Maché or another technique?

  6. Thank you. I make bowls from plaster impregnated bandages called Modrock in some circles. They are shaped over existing glass or china bowls. I keep them as thin as possible and then cover them - in this case - with my own hand-coloured papers soaked in PVA medium and scraps of Japanese paper from a stash acquired over years from Paperchase. The inside will be Shellacked and then coated with size and leaf metal. I'm influenced at the moment by lustreware and stained glass.

    1. Thank you for that information, I hadn't looked properly at the strips of paper. You are creating a very lovely thing.

  7. Your blue and gold bowl is lovely! The plant in the top photo appears as though it's dancing in the sun. I am very glad to hear you are having a respite from the incessant rains over there.

  8. Absolutely gorgeous. Clever you. And as you say, it's time.