Friday, 3 May 2013

Wrong number

Ring ring, ring ring, ring ring.

Me to indistinct voice replying:
Hello is that xyz estate agents?

Indistinct voice now sounding rather startled:
Actually no, this is The Bank of England.

Oh the rejoinders I have come up with since hanging up.
What I actually said:
Ah. Sorry about that.

What would you have said?


  1. My favourite reply to people ringing to sell me something is to say (in an unbelievably posh voice)
    " Excuse me, have I requested this call? Well you see, young man, I never take calls I haven't personally requested.."
    It cheers me up and I am VERY polite!

  2. We've been waiting for ages for a call from Children's Hospital cardiac unit. The other day the phone rings, and my youngest (for whom the appointment will be) answers, waits, and then hangs up on the voice saying, "It was a telemarketer." A few seconds later the phone rings again. I answer this time. "Hello, this is Children's Hospital. I just tried calling but someone hung up on me."
    Huge apologies from me, good humoured responses from the other end of the line. Phew!

  3. I can never think of witty things to say in a crisis. Nor, come to think of it, now. All that came to mind was, rather like Toffeeapple, "Lend us a quid then." But I wouldn't have said it.

  4. I am the world's greatest exponent of l'esprit de l'escalier, so I wouldn't have said anything on the spot/at the time. Unfortunately.

  5. I'd have probably said, 'Are you sure?'