Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Gathered together

 We've had a holiday
which took in

a smiling lamb,

 English bluebells,

Wood anemones,

 unfurling hazel leaves,

 goldfish in a moat,

the hall window at Lamb's House,
home to Henry James and E.F. Benson,

graffiti in the mill at Bateman's,
Rudyard Kipling's home,

Japonica on a quiet afternoon at Sissinghurst,

opalescent magnolia in the White Garden,
(the better for not being seen in strong sunshine),

swans in reeds,

swans in fields,

an urn to remember, planted with clematis,

and Great Dixter

with a surprising sight, 
not photographed out of compassion;
pot of well past it hyacinths in its front of porch display.
Strangely comforting to remember
when one returns to ones less than perfect abode.


  1. Less than perfect? Your life always seems to me calm and tidy and elegant. No?

  2. The swan in the reeds is my favourite.

  3. A perfect selection of English sights! Jane x

  4. Your photos are beautiful. It looks like a wonderful trip. Jo x

  5. turning green... turing oh so very lime (no grass) green... sigh... ♥♥♥

  6. Oh, how I wish...

  7. Gorgeous, absolutely gorgeous, all of those. We're off to Orford this weekend and I shall try to supply some alternative views - but although I adore Orford and the Ness I fancy that none of the photos will match yours.

  8. I think Rumer Godden also lived at Lamb's house for a time. Sounds and looks like a lovely holiday. Somehow you make every little thing into something artful. It's a knack, and a lovely one :) And then your self-deprecating humour always gives me a chuckle.