Monday, 13 May 2013

Digging for treasure

in the garden.
Beautiful intact glass and stoneware bottles.
Better than gold coins, in my book.


  1. Beautiful! What a find! I've also dug up old glass bottles and jars from our scruffy piece of land, and I agree it felt more exciting than gold coins....although that would be pretty exciting too!

  2. I agree , and how amazing that they're perfect . These and the p[eces of broken china that one digs up are such a direct link with local history .

  3. What terrific finds. I wonder what else will come to light?

  4. Great finds and lovely photos, too! Over here we can find glass insulators from the old-style telephone wires and poles. Do you know what the last glass object in your series is?

    1. It looks like a little fish paste pot. A sort of cheap spread for sandwiches made of sardines or salmon.

  5. Am I seeing old stoneware ink bottles there? I love finding stuff like you have dug up. We seem to dig up loads of bits of old clay smoking pipes and masses of broken pieces of china. No matter how many times the vegetable plot is dug over the rain seems to wash away the dirt off more. Such a joy!

  6. Yes I think they are. They have little pouring lips. What do you do with the broken china? I found a tiny piece of willow pattern with a house and a tree on it. Exquisite.

  7. Now there's a question (re the shards of china). I have two jam jars full and never seem to get beyond taking them out and looking at them from time to time....... I did rather like what Candice Bahouth does with mosaic shoes.

    For a while I was obsessed with the Willow pattern story and was able to find a piece of broken china that corresponded with most of it but was still a few pieces "down".

    It's the problem of attaching china to textile that always seems to be problem. However, I recently came across this:


  8. I still remember (and wish I had taken) the old patent medicine bottles I found under a house we thought of buying years ago in our now "gentrifying" neighborhood. It didn't seem right to take them, because we weren't going to buy the house. One week later, the house was bulldozed. Next time.... (!)