Thursday 16 May 2013

Fifties Find

I've been looking for some curtain material.
I had an idea I wanted splashy yellow roses 
on a grey background.
I could picture it, but I couldn't find it.
All the usual avenues having been exhausted
and prices per metre being shockingly high
for anything I quite liked,
I turned to a well known auction site.

And sitting there on the haberdasher's counter
 was a bolt of 7 yards 16 inches of unused
1950s Bevis fabric made for Simpson and Godlee.
Priced at £1 6s 11d per yard when new,
this would have cost me the equivalent of almost £200.

There was one other customer, eyeing it speculatively.
I turned out my purse for sixpences, threepenny bits,
florins and half crowns.
I opened my wallet for blue fivers, brown ten bob notes
 and green pounds.
I thought I might have enough.

The auction ended this afternoon.

Mine for £25. Happy me.
I'll have it sent. It's quite heavy.

But will I dare cut into it?


  1. Lucille, you always make me smile :) I love your fabric. and thanks for the Texas shout-out!** I remember watching Mitch Miller's Sing-Along show with the bouncing ball on the lyrics. Did you have that?
    ** ( We are not ALL wacko gun-toting nut jobs!)

  2. I've certainly seen bouncing balls on lyrics but not on that particular show. I hope the tornadoes didn't come anywhere near you in Houston.

  3. I remember silver threepenny bits Sue...

    I wonder if you will cut into that fabric Lucille? You could always just drape it.

  4. That is so pretty! Please show us the results, that is, when you have dared to cut.