Wednesday 13 March 2013

Just for the record

The sun definitely came out today.
I have proof.


  1. I've had fun getting caught up with all your recent posts.

    March is such a strange, transitional month.

    Here in New York, we are still wearing our down-filled coats, but so glad when the sun shines, like it did today.


  2. Good grief, I've just watched the piano chap and I fear I'm not as good as that!!!

  3. Wonderful. It was here too but I can't prove it, I just know.

  4. I'm catching up today after being without my PC for several days while it got cured of a nasty little destructive virus. We are in the middle of a long stretch of cloudy, wet weather. I am hoping to see the sun before this cloud completely soaks my brain.

  5. Having never left my birth country (Australia) I sometimes think I 'ought' to live in the northern UK for a while, or Northern USA / Canada, just so I can understand what s harsh or unremittingly dull winter can be like. Does the joy of spring make up for the punishment of winter, I wonder. Here the winter is so mild we have to import deciduous tree species so we can have an autumn display.