Sunday 17 March 2013

High tide

We are not a large clan.
The normal crew these days is 2 people,
so it is lovely to have the tide bringing 
a veritable flood of family and friends to the kitchen table.

A birthday is always an excuse for chocolate cake.
This one is Chocolate cake with lime from
Sarah Raven's Friends and Family.

As usual I cooked too much.
We are awash with leftovers.

It is still raining.
Is it time to build an ark?


  1. If you build an ark don't forget the cake recipe.

  2. The picture of the group around the table has really captured a warmth: the colour of the light; the fire of the cake & table candles; and the relaxed smiles of the people around the table.

    Who cares what the weather is like outside?

  3. At least your ark will have a well-stocked larder. Lovely photo of your family celebration. We had a good family day in Vancouver yesterday, too. We sort of took over a corner of the lounge at UBC while we waited for our violinist son who was auditioning for the music program...exciting!