Wednesday 20 March 2013


I took a unilateral decision and increased 
indoor and outdoor staffing levels 
to unprecedented heights today.
Four people laboured manfully and womanfully 
around the premises
while I watched them and smiled encouragingly.
These two men are called 
The Considerate Plumbers
and they really were.

The gardening folk weeded and pruned and cleared 
for six hours straight.
I made tea and coffee of course
and fielded enquiries, but beyond that I did nothing.
Husband is home with a nasty virus
so a little light nursing was required.
O. was here and needed some sustenance
before disappearing again.
I gave him a lift because his case was heavy.

The milk was not delivered
(atrocious timing for that Fail)
so I popped out to the supermarket
and brought home the weekly provisions
as well as the milk.
But really apart from that, 
I was completely at leisure.

The washing largely took care of itself
as did the dishwasher.
Bread and fruit loaf are made
in a jiffy.
Soup for lunch only needed defrosting.
Ironing is almost therapeutic when it
only involves flat things.
But as I say, I really was having a lovely rest.

While the plumbers were hard at work with the new tap
 I couldn't help noticing that 
the under sink cupboard was in need of a little tidy up.
A couple of rather tricky phone calls had to be made
and bills always need paying,
but I was sitting down for those.

It was Pilates today.
So I expect that is why I am feeling a little weary.

Or is it because, 
although this is the first day of Spring,
I have used up all my springiness
and am running on empty?


  1. Ah. The life of a woman who has nothing to do! (I don't mean you - I mean that my husband thinks that my days are blank, filled with inactivity. All tasks just magic themselves done, obviously!)

  2. I'm tired just reading this!

  3. Me too, good grief woman - slow down will you?

  4. You know, the days when people like plumbers come into the house, we are still 'on' and not quite at leisure. We are still 'hosting' them to some degree and wondering if they'd like a coffee or tea and what not. I think that's why it can sometimes be tiring!